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My friend's Windows 7 computer running Outlook 2013 is intermittently not sending emails that have attachments. The emails remain in the Outbox. It seems to possibly be more prevalent when the attachment is above 1 MB.

When I see the email sitting in the Outbox, if I click Send/Receive, I get a message saying the connection to the server was interrupted, with a code that ends in 800CCCF I think. (The message only appears for about half a second then disappears).

Another computer that is on the same router, running Windows 7 and Outlook 2010, can send attachments without any problems when the first computer is having the failure.

I checked the internet connection by running speedtests, it seems ok other than the fact that the upload speed seems very high, 30Mbs.

The email is through GoDaddy pop, ISP is Cox.

Does it work in Safe mode? Are any non-Microsoft addins installed? Is there an antivirus scanner scanning outgoing mail?

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Does it work in Safe mode? Are any non-Microsoft addins installed? Is there an antivirus scanner scanning outgoing mail?
Hi Diane,

I am just getting back to you on this because I was not sure if the fixes I did per your suggestions had solved the issue.
(Even though this is the same computer as the other post I did today about duplicate emails in Inbox, I suspect they may be different issues since she tells me the duplicates/triplicates only happened once or twice.)

I had previously disabled the following add ins on my friend's computer after reading your last post: icloud, iTunes, Norton AntiSpam. I also disabled Norton scan of outgoing email. But today she called and said messages stuck in outbox was happening again.

I logged in and saw an email stuck in her outbox, it had an 11 GB attachment. She uses godaddy, I checked and they allow up to 20 GB attachments, max per message of 30 GB. So she should be ok there.

I deleted the email, then I resent the same email with the same attachment. It went out fine. Then I sent it again and it went out ok.

I tried a third time and it got stuck in Outbox. Outlook also gave an error at that time:
0X800CCC0F Connection to server was interrupted

The 4th attempt went out ok.

The 5th attempt got stuck in outbox, same error message.

So it is an intermittent problem.

Any ideas?

Another email with just a 4 MB attachment is stuck in the Outbook, and giving the same error as above. So I guess the size of the other attachment was not really the issue.

This: 0X800CCC0F Connection to server was interrupted usually means there is a problem with the connection - godaddy could be dropping it, it could be a bad link between her computer and godaddy.

Does it work without issue in Safe mode? If so, then the problem is with something in outlook. (I know, it's hard to repro when it is intermittent.)

The crash could be related to this error.
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