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Can someone please help me out with this? I have almost 150 pdf files in a folder and i want to email them to a common email address based on the file names. For example; There are files names as - 1000,1000#1,1000#2,2000,3000,41000,41000#1 - Here I need to send every files with same name before "#" in one email. In this example files -1000,1000#1,1000#2 -should go in one email, 2000 should go in another email, 3000 should go in another email and 41000,41000#1 should go in another email. I have been able to send each file in th efolder in seperate emails, but I couldn't figure out how to attach files in the above said manner.. I am trying to automate outlook to do this task.

Thanks in advance for your valuable advices!
Outlook version
Outlook 2007
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Exchange Server
Sub AddFiles()
Dim StrFolder, StrFile, StrFiles(200), StrSearch As String
Dim i, j As Integer
Dim myMailItem As MailItem
'Select FOLDER and save all file name in an array
StrFolder = "C:\New Folder" ' CHANGE THE FOLDER
StrFile = Dir(StrFolder & "\*")
Do While Len(StrFile) > 0
i = i + 1
StrFiles(i) = StrFile
StrFile = Dir
'Loop through the array, upon finding a filename with 4 characters, loop through the aray again and find similar files
For j = 1 To i
If Len(StrFiles(j)) = 8 Then ' eg 1000.pdf - 8 characters
Set myMailItem = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
StrSearch = Left(StrFiles(j), 4) ' eg 1000 - first 4 characters
For k = 1 To i
If Left(StrFiles(k), 4) = StrSearch Then
MsgBox StrFiles(k)
myMailItem.Attachments.Add StrFolder & "\" & StrFiles(k)
End If
myMailItem.To = "ADD RECIPIENTS"
myMailItem.Display ' Change to .send after testing
End If

End Sub
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