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I'm looking for a slight variation of what is already posted, if you can lead me in the right direction or to the solution, I would appreciate it.

I would like to create a button in the body of the email template that would allow users to approve a scenario with comments or reject a scenario with comments AS WELL AS include the original text of the email.

I am not satisfied with the voting buttons. This will only go to 1 (2 people max) I'm worried if the original sent mail accidentally gets deleted, my approvals/rejections will be deleted as I will be using this template in a shared mailbox.

Any suggestions on how I can acheive this without using voting buttons? It's important that I receive something confirming the words APPROVE/REJECT for audit purposes so cannot rely on a simple email response.

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The problem with including buttons in the body is that Outlook doesn't support active content in Email... you'd need to use a custom form and a control button - but that only works well if the form is published to an Exchange organizational forms library. If you just need a message that says 'approved' or 'rejected', you could use a mailto link - using the relevant information (Subject: "Rejected: Thing that was rejected") to create the link would require scripting. (Mailto links can include subject and body text.)
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