Select Appointment subject line from combobox or list

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Nick Ellis

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Hi Forum,

Could someone point me in the right direction here please?
I have found snippets which cover some of my needs but not all.
I want to offer users a selection of subject titles which would be prefixed with their initials when creating new appointments. eg. NE - Training Seminar
The selection could take place on the newly opened appointment in the form of a combobox or on a Userform (opened prior to the appointment).

I beleive the option of the Userform is best as I know I can't edit the first side of the standard appointment form.
Is this really the the best way to achieve the aim or can someone suggest something better?
And secondly, how would I get code to call the userform whenever a new appointment is created?

Thanks for your consideration!!

Diane Poremsky

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Sorry i missed this, i was on vacation.

Editing the custom form might be the better solution, as you can publish it to the Exchange org library and everyone will have access to it. You should be able to use code behind the form and hidden custom fields to do what you need. (But i don't have any samples that do it, sorry).

Distributing a macro is more difficult unless you compile it into an addin.
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