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I'm exploring the possibility of incorporating a multi-select list box on a custom outlook form.

I've added a Listbox to my form > Properties > Value Tab > set "Property to use" = Multiselect > created a new field I call "Roles" > added in a comma separated list of values to the "Possible Values" field.

When I run the form, I have the list box with all the possible values, but the Multi-select functionality is not working. I can only choose 1 value at a time and I'm not able to do multi-select.

Any suggestions?

I think I figured it out. While all the settings in the image I posted above are accurate, a second step is that you need to right click the resulting Listbox and go into Advanced Properties. Although I'd chosen Multiselect in the normal Properties window, in the Advanced Properties window the default setting is 0 - Select. Double clicking MultiSelect enables "1 - multi" setting. This seems to work. Double clicking MultiSelect again results in a "2 - Extended" setting. I'm not sure what the functionality of "2 - Extended." Does anyone else?


The Extend functionality allows you to select 1 choice and drag the selection down, then use the Control button to add other selections.

Now I'm running into a situation where if I create a 2nd multiselect listbox and set it up identical to the first (but with different menu of select options) when I switch from one list box to the other, the selections from the first listbox disappear. I'm unsure why this is occurring or how to adjust.
Once I've made selections from List Box A, attempting to make selections in List Box B will clear any of the selections from List Box A.

multiple list boxes.JPG

I believe that maybe this all has something to do with "binding" the possible values in the list boxes to other saved values? I'm trying to sort out.
I was successful in configuring the properties such that multi-select works on both list boxes without erasing the selections from one another.

However, when I attempted to launch this customization in live Outlook, I can do the multiselect on both boxes, but when I save, close and open back up, none of the selections are saved!

So close, but so far.


multi properties.JPG
When I publish-run the form, I can see both list boxes with all the values I expect; I can make multiple selections in both list boxes, but when I save the new contact I create, then open the contact back up none of the selections I'd previously made/saved are evident. In other words, I'm basically back to square 1.
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