One Contact list, two sections of company (none)

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I have a club members list which for some reason I cannot fathom is split into two sections, one with 35 members and another with 14 members. Both sections show as Company (None). I have tried to find any difference in the contact cards but they all seem the same.

Guess I have missed the obvious but would appreciated if someone would help me sort it into one list!

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That's common - they were most likely created in two different Outlook versions. See the instructions here - Contacts are Grouping in Two Groups of (none)
Those steps should still work in Outlook 2010 - dragging isn't working here in Outlook 2016, but editing the company field (space, then backspace) is working. I have a bulk change contacts macro that should work for this, if you have a lot and dragging doesn't work.

Never mind... it is working. Would help if i read my own instructions. :) You need to move them first to a 'new' company, then back to the (correct) none group. You cant just drag between the two none groups, which is what i tried to do.


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Thank you for your link. I now have one Company (None) list with all members and have deleted the now empty Company (None) list.
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