VBScript does not run in Outlook 2003

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N Motihar


I am having an issue between outlook 2000 and 2003 forms. Custom form

that works in outlook 2000 now does not fire event or runs vbscript in

outlook 2003 client. Original form has "Send form definition with Item"

unchecked. If I check this and publish form in our test environment, vb

script does not execute on Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003.

I need to make the vbscript on form work on both (outlook 2000 and

2003). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hollis Paul

Outlook versions have never been backward compatible. You have to use

the outlook object browser in 2003 to find the new names of the

variables that you want to use. Then include branching test to make

sure that a form instance running on 2000 only executes the 2000 code,

and a form instance running on 2003 only executes the 2003 code. Lots

of fun, no?

Hollis Paul

Mukilteo, WA USA

Sue Mosher [MVP]

I don't know why you'd say that. Even in Outlook 2007, which has a Folder

object, MAPIFolder still works for backward compatibility with existing


I would be looking at possible causes of one-off items and wondering where

this form is published and what folder(s) it's used in.

Sue Mosher,


Hi Sue,

Thanks for the article. I have published the form and here is more

information I found. If I publish the form on Personal Forms Library folder,

the code behind the form executes in Outlook 2003, but publishing the form on

Organizational Forms Library causes the issue where the VBScript does not

run. Could this be related to permission issue?


Sue Mosher [MVP]

You didn't check the "send form definition with item" box on the Properties

page of the form, did you? Never do that on a form with script.

Sue Mosher,
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