VBScript copy contacts and remove duplicates

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We have this phone system in place that links into our local contacts in Outlook.

So what I am trying to do is create a VBscript to run automatically on startup, to copy all the contacts that are stored in the public folders to the local contacts and remove any duplicates, according to date modified if possible.

Unfortunatley I am not too sure where to begin with this, does anyone know an easy way of doing this? or be able to supply me with some script to be able to customise to our needs?

Thank you in advance

Diane Poremsky

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this is one place to start - its for calendar but is easy to change.

Copy new appointments to another calendar using VBA - Slipstick Systems

rather than using itemadd, you'll call the macro from the startup menu.

Private Sub Application_Startup()


End Sub

You can either use if statements to filter or a restrict statement - i would probably set one of the user values to mark duplicates and skip them in the future.

if user1 <> "copied to personal contacts" then
' do whatever to check for matching name or email address
' then copy and mark as copied


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