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Hi Diane,

I'm hoping you can help me. To offer some background info, I'm a Director of IT with 15+ years under my belt and have been working with Outlook and Exchange for years. Here's an overview of my situation:

  1. Move from my companies Exchange Server to
  2. Specifically, I would like to copy all Calendar and Contact data from my companies internal Exchange 2010 server and import it into my
  1. OS: Attempted on both Windows 7 & 8.1
  2. Outlook: Attempted non both Outlook 2010 & 2013
    1. Current Mailbox size = 863mb
    2. Account capacity = 25GB OneDrive (not sure if this has any bearing on email)
  4. Contacts: Looking to import 1,058 items
  5. Calendar: Looking to import 4,652 events
  6. Note: Everything is on the latest patches
Steps Taken:
  1. Export of entire company mailbox (including all sub folders) to PST
  2. Connect to Hotmail ( account in the desktop version of Outlook (both Outlook 2010 & Outlook 2013)
  3. In the same instance of Outlook desktop, connect to the PST file
  4. Contacts (1,058 items)
    1. Select All contacts located in PST and "Copy to Folder" to the "Contacts" folder of the Hotmail account
    2. Only 965 of 1,058 copied successfully and are accessible via and Outlook desktop
  5. Calendar (4,652 Events)
    1. Tried multiple ways to copy calendar over without success
      1. Copy using Outlook desktop
      2. Export Calendar from Outlook desktop as an ICS file and import directly into "into an existing calendar"
  1. Contacts
    1. Not all of my contacts copied over
    2. None of my categories copied over. All contacts are in the "None" category. (I have 20-25 categories)
  2. Calendar
    1. All attempts to import calendar items fail with different errors.
    2. Sometimes, Outlook desktop just hangs. I left if for 24 hours just to see if it was just slow, but no luck.
If you can help in anyway I would greatly appreciate it. I recently switched jobs and do not want to move all of my personal and historical data onto their servers. I've been struggling with this for a couple of weeks and have read through many article on your site and others. At this point, my life is becoming very unorganized since I can't rely on my calendar and contacts.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The best way to upload calendar and contacts in bulk is using a csv (contacts) and an ics (calendar). There are a lot of issues syncing otherwise.

did you get any error messages when you tried to import the calendar?
Thank you for such a quick reply and I'm sorry for not getting back sooner. I haven't had a chance to attempt an ICS upload again to see the error message I received. I'll reply back with my results as soon as I can.
Here are the steps I just took with the calendar:
  1. Opened the PST backup in Outlook 2010
  2. File | Save Calendar
  3. Saved as an ICS file with Options:
    1. "Whole Calendar"
    2. Include Details of items marked private
    3. Include attachments within calendar items
  4. Opened | Calendar
  5. Import into an existing calendar
  6. Browsed to ICS file
  7. Prevent duplicates
    1. Only keep the events
  8. Clicked "Import"
  1. Import looked like it started successfully as I received a circular "hour glass" as though it was processing
  2. About 3 minutes went by and the web page timed out with an "HTTP 404 Not Found" error

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again.
Hi... just checking in. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for your help.
NO INTERNET !!! I didn't know such a place existed! :) Actually... good for you. I could use a few days without internet.

I'll give you recommendation a try and post back.
Hi Diane,

I have to apologize for the delayed reply. My new company has been keeping me very busy and I haven't been able to work on this.

As for your suggestion without the attachments, it didn't work for me. I'm a the point where I might just simply upload my old calendar to my new companies Exchange 2010 server. Besides the fact that I can't find a way to import my historical calendar, I was really hoping that's Calendar would be robust enough to offer all of the same functionality as an internal Exchange servers's. I find that even in making new items in my calendar on, I can't categorize appointments (ex: Meeting, Doctor, etc.).

I've been thinking of purchasing a personal Office 365 account to get more functionality, but also can't find a good comparison of Office 365 with the free services.

I'm curious of your opinion on this. Do you think working in while connected through Outlook 2013 (desktop) would be just as functional as an Exchange server, or am I way off base?

Thanks again for your time. isn't even close to Exchange at this time- it's missing a lot of functionality. It's ok for a lot of people who just need calendar sync with smart phones and want to do it as cheaply as possible.

Office 365 business / Exchange online will have all of the features you have with your work Exchange - categories, contact groups, everything syncs, very good support for multiple computers and portable devices. You can make as many folders as you want. doesn't support contact groups (dl's to old timers :)), notes, journal, task requests. It supports only 1 contact folder. It seems to have some problems with nested folders. Appointments and contacts don't support HTML formatting or attachments. It doesn't support some recurrence patterns.

A comparasion of the Exchange plans is here - - Exchange online (the cheapest) supports Outlook - even though the name "exchange online" makes it sound like its OWA only. :)
What you're saying makes a lot of sense... especially considering all of the issues I've had trying to leverage I'm curious if you know if I go with an Office 365 plan (or just Exchange Online), can my current email address be linked with that account or would I have to create a new email address or possibly a new domain name?
If you create any of the business accounts (they all include exchange), you'll either need your own domain or will use an address something like (you get to choose the 'rim' part). You can't move the address over (yet - I told them they should offer it as a premium account and I think they might eventually do it - but it's months to years away if it happens at all.)

You can connect the account to it - in much the same way you can connect pop3 or imap accounts to
Thanks for all of your advice and quick replies. I've always appreciated your insight and knowledge across this site. Have a good day.
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