How will I delete messages permanently?

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Hi, I am quite new and inexperienced with Outlook. I have 2007 version, directed mails from a hosting server to my Outlook, having a number of different e-mail addresses linked to the same web hosting domain. What I have noticed, when I click on X, to delete the message, it remains there and crossed, paler in grey shade, like in the file I have just uploaded. I mark them and move to the Deleted Items folder. None of these X-ed ones go to the deleted items folder automatically though. Getting back to the previous sentence, when the transferred group of previously deleted items appear in the deleted items folder, and when deleting them there, they disappear, but no change have happened in the original mail accounts, all of these accounts, except of one, where the deleted emails disappear on the first click on X. I do not understand this. I have been looking for guidance how to delete the items permanently, but it just does not seem working. Any ideas?


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That is how it works when you use an imap account - when you delete mail, it gets marked for deletion and is purged when you change folders or manually purge. You can use a view to hide messages marked for deletion.
Thank you. I already have it sorted, the purging maneuver was needed which I did not know about.
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