Could not complete operation because the service provider does not support it

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
I've encountered a problem on Outlook 2013 after integrating Google App Sync. It might relate to GAS, not sure.

However, once I send a previously saved email, the following error pops up : "Could not complete operation because the service provider does not support it".

Can't think of any other information to supply, so feel free to let me know what questions you might have.

Outlook 2013
Windows 7
5 other email on POP.

Thanks very much for your time in helping me with this issue.
That error usually has to do with the address book service.

This is a draft or resending a message? Are you trying to send it from a different computer? Is the message being sent on the google apps account?

If it's drafts, it might be a bug in outlook - I saw a similar behavior with an Exchange account - I start the message on my desktop and finish it on my tablet - when i send it, i get that error but the message ends up in my sent items folder. I don't know for sure if the message is actually sent as no one replies. I'll see if i can repro on my GA account.
Hi Diane, been an admirer of your work here, so glad you were the first to answer on my first post.

It's a email with attachments that I save on my PC hard drive. Use it to immediately send correspondence to clients after a call (keep the workflow streamline), by only having to add an email address and Name each time.
Sending it from the same computer. Saved a new version of this on PC as well, still the same error.
Sent from POP account.

In the past, this method has AT TIMES left a draft on Outlook 2013, which I've just deleted (not bothered with). However, it was always successfully sent.

Not open for further replies.
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