My Draft Emails Have Review Tracking

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I have Outlook 2016.

I'm not sure how or why, but at times when I edit a draft there is review tracking turned on. I don't know why it happens one time but not another.

I cannot find an option to turn review tracking off. Does such an option exist in Outlook 2016?

I didn't think that trick worked in Outlook 2016 - it did in older versions though.
Does Control+Shift+E turn it off? (That is the keyboard shortcut for it in word.)
Is it turned on in word?


Yesterday I had a few drafts and both times the tracking was not turned on after multiple revisions. I turned off the tracking in Word 2016. Not sure if it was on or off to start since I kept pressing Control+Shift+E.

Is there an option in Outlook to turn off tracking or does it use Word's settings?
Outlook doesn't have an option - it *shouldn't* use word's settings for this in Outlook 2016 either, but if it is enabled, it obviously is. If you use Exchange and an older version of Outlook too, i can see it getting turned on in the older outlook and syncing via drafts. I don't know if this would sync via imap.

Here is an example of the tracking in Outlook 2016 (Draft). At times (not sure how / why) I cannot accept the change. I know tracking is turned off in Word.

Sample Tracking.jpg

Sample Tracking 2.jpg
I have tried to reproduce this, but it seems very random. I have no idea how or when it appears. Since my previous reply, it has not happened. I understand Outlook doesn't have tracking, but it does appear at times. If it does happen again, maybe I can try and reproduce the steps.
I would pay attention to when the drafts were created - so you kind of know if only really old drafts or really new ones are affects and also if it was created on another device or Outlook profile.
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