Clean Up Conversation Anomaly?

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Outlook 365 32 bit
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Exchange Server
When running "Clean Up Folder" on main inbox, I have seen some discrepancy with my inbox and another company I know who uses it.

The original email is sent to 10 people but the replies are coming back to me individually (not reply all). In my inbox it is keeping all the individual unique replies. In the other company, it is cleaning up (and therefore deleting) those individual unique replies. What could be the cause of that?

Any other scenarios we should be aware of where Outlook will clean up emails outside of exact duplications? Any anomalies that deletes emails that are unique in any way?
Your way is working correctly - it should keep all copies that are unique. If B replies all, then C replies it would remove the original and B's message. But if B replies just to you, and C replies just to you, it should only remove the original.

Any idea if the replies in the other company are all the same - like everyone replies 'OK'? It shouldn't remove them because sender is different though.
Thanks Diane. I'll check the replies to see if they differ.
Any other reason that would explain this happening? Like the version of Outlook is different? Or the clean up settings are incorrect? Anything I should look out for when I investigate further with them?
Thanks again.
There really isn't anything to the clean up settings - assuming you mean this one.

The manual archive method in File > tools > clean up archives based on last modified date.
These settings/preferences, I mean...I can't see anything there that would explain it though...

Screenshot 2023-03-20 101419.jpg
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