Outlook 2013 Conversation View vs. 2007

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I used 2007 for some years with the inbox organized by conversation with all conversations expanded. Alt-A to select all messages, right click and expand all conversations, and it was a saved default. This allowed me to see all entries in each conversation in order to prioritize my responses and saved me countless hours due to the hundreds of emails I receive daily.

In 2013, I can sort by conversation, but only the selected conversation will display the emails which are part of that conversation. I have already gone to View -> Conversation Settings -> Always Expand Selected Conversation. As soon as I click on another conversation, that conversation collapses once again.

I am at my wit's end here.

Am I completely out of luck?

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I think you can replicate it with a custom view, but you won't be able to include the items from other folders and might only be able to sort by conversation. (I forget exactly how that view worked in 2007.)

Uncheck view as conversations on the View tab. Then go to View settings and customize the Groups - use group by conversation and uncheck automatically group. I think you also need to sort by conversation.

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