Clean out the "Other Calendars" form Outlook 2007 sp2

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I have many calendars in my "Other Calendars" container within my Outlook 2007 SP2 profile. I no longer need to access these and would like to clean out the "other calendars" list but I can't see a way to do this. I've tried creating a new Group, moving the Calendars into it but then I don't have permission to remove the new group. I've looked at the outlook.xml file in my profile but it has no signs of these extra calendars. I do not want to delete the calendars as they are still used by others here I just want to remove them from my Outlook profile.

Diane Poremsky

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First, are they calendars in your mailbox or are they stored somewhere else?

If they are in your mailbox, you'll need to move them to the group and collapse it.

If they are in a public folder, remove them from your public folder favorites.

If they are in other user's mailboxes, right click on them and delete from your profile.
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