Outlook: Window loses focus when typing a new message

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S.H. Costello

Here is my variant of the problem: I respond to a mesage in Outlook and it creates a new window for the response. As I am typing, the cursor disappears, the window loses focus, and the previous window (the original message) pops up on top. Using Windows 7 pro with Office 2007 and Outlook Connector into MSN.

I found something that said any software can mess your window focus and they suggested a clean boot with no non-windows processes running and see by adding software processes whodunit.


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
I had this issue as well. Tried safe mode, tried Outlook "Repair" process, nothing worked. Finally noticed the problem did not exist when I disconnected my bluetooth keyboard.

While your particular solution might be different, I finally traced my issue to a hardware driver issue and after 2 days of struggling it is fixed.

Long story short: Changed the Logitech Setpoint drivers for my bluetooth keyboard to the latest 64 bit driver and all is well, issue gone. I can type forever with no disruptions every 30 seconds in Outlook 2010.
All addins added back in, no issues with Outlook "flashing" or losing focus" every 30 seconds.

Strange that only Outlook evidenced symptoms of this driver problem.
Incidentally, I also realize why many of the posts on the web about this issue are 3-4 years old... Most people probably have their Logitech driver update set to "automatic". I did not. I was using a 3 year old driver. Still it is strange why my problem only happened this week. Unless it was prompted by a recent Office 2010 64bit update. Anyway my sanity has returned. By the way, nice to see the ol' Slipstick forum is still around, gosh I was using this 10 years ago.
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