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I have just accepted a new position at a financial services firm. I need to send an email to 50 prospects everyday. My Outlook will be checked by my boss to make sure it's done (because I work from home). Instead of sending these emails one by one, I was wondering if it was possible to use a macro that would send them one at a time, with a random delay between each. Then, I could do something else instead!

My database is an Excel spreadsheet.


Phil Lynch

Diane Poremsky

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Cheaters never prosper. :)

You can do one of two things - mail merge or a utility. I'm not aware of any macro code available to do this, probably because its complicated, but it would be possible to write one as there are addins that do it. Unless you have VBA skills, an addin will be more cost effective (and give you more time to do something else :)).

If the messages will be identical, save for personal info (name, address) you can use mail merge. Addins that delay sending (intended for isp's that throttle outgoing traffic but should also work for you) are here: - most have free trials. A few sound like they might meet your needs perfectly and offer a bit more customization than Outlook's basic mail merge.

Even without mail merge, there are ways to speed up the sending process so it could take less than a minute per message - but i would probably use mail merge instead. Using software to be more productive is not cheating - it's using technology as it was intended.

Phil Lynch

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Outlook 2007
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Wow! That was fast!

I just tried one addin that does exactly what I need! For 40$, it's a steal!

Thanks SO much Diane.

Phil Lynch
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