Meeting Requests - ex-employee being invite, but not in recipient list

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Hello all,I'm in need of some good advice before I go insane.A user has come to me with a problem, he sends out meeting requests to 8 users, all of which are legit employees with functional accounts etc. However, every time he sends the invite, he gets sent an automated message to say a certain employee can't be contacted as the user doesn't exist (employee left, account deleted). I've checked his account myself, he's definitely not adding this user to the list of recipients. This only occurs when sending out an invite for 2 specific rooms. The rooms are set up as an account on AD. I've checked every setting I can think of and just can't put my finger on it. If its any help, the ex-employee in question was a P.A., and used to be an organizer for past meetings. Any help greatly appreciated!

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It sounds like the PA is set as a delegate for one (or both) of the rooms...

Try this:

Get mfcmapi (

1. Open MFCMAPI.exe and logon to the store with the room account.* You can do this from any machine – nothing gets installed with mfcmapi - you will need to make an outlook profile for each room though.

2. Session, Logon and Display Store Table.

3. Right click on the mailbox and select Open Store from the context menu.

4. Expand Root Container, Top of Information Store then right click on Inbox and select Display Rules Table

5. Select the rule identified as Schedule+ EMS Interface.

6. Right click on the rule and select to delete.

Repeat with the second room.

This should remove all delegates from the room - if anyone is supposed to be a delegate you'll need to reassign them.

Have the user send a test meeting to the 2 rooms - if they still get the NDR you'll need to muck around the AD (with adedit).


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Thanks for the info, however I managed to resolve this (after hours of investigating!) before I seen your post. The user always invited the same 8 people, by individually inviting each person to a test meeting I was able to narrow it down to one user. Said user had a delegation to a disabled account, which obviously had a delegation or forwarding to the ex-employee the email was referring to. Deleted said delegation and issue finally resolved.
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