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I'm a helpdesk technician at my company and I had a user report a very strange problem the other day. She reported that she 30 emails flagged for follow up. Then she logged out of her station, went to lunch, and when she logged back in there were only 18. I was skeptical, but we software here that takes continuous screen shots of all users throughout the day. I took a look at the screen shots and sure enough, the moment before she logged out for lunch Outlook displayed "For Follow Up [30]" and the moment she logged back in to her machine and opened Outlook it displayed "For Follow Up [18]" It's the strangest thing. I don't even know where to begin. Any ideas??
So the flags were cleared.

Does she sync with a device? That could clear the flag, as can a rule configured to remove flags, but a rule is highly unlikely unless she used Run Rules Now.

Does she have a delegate or share her mailbox with anyone?

If she hasn't touched the items that were flagged (such as re-flagged them) and you can identify them, you could check the last modified date and see if it matches the time period she was logged off. That would tell us that yes, something changed them at that time. However its not foolproof as marking it read, replying or a few other things will change the last mod date. If the last mod date is before the log off, I'd suspect corruption in her cache - when she flagged the items the change never synced up to the server and when she logged on, the server re-synced.
I just checked with the user. She does not sync with a device and does not have any rules set.
That leaves sync issues between the server and the ost. How long were the messages flagged? If she flagged them sometimes earlier in the day, blaming sync issues is easier - but if they were flagged longer, it's harder to blame sync issues.

BTW - check the Sync issues folder and see if there is anything there that might be a clue. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.
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