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Desperate for some help please. I recently switched from PC to iMac and purchased Office for Mac 2011. Been using Outlook with no problems for the last couple of months. All of a sudden, this morning, even though i am still receiving emails to my POP account, I cannot send them. Get the following error message "Mail could not be sent Error Code - 3260."

I have created a secondary account using my settings and this still didn't work.

Latest update, my business partner who is based in Hong Kong (I'm in Stockholm, Sweden) has sent me a message saying that he can also send and receive mails to the same account from his BB, and also receive incoming mails to his outlook on his windows laptop, but cannot send any mails from his laptop.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Many thanks

I forgot to mention that i can also send and receive to the same account from my iPad. I also inputted my account settings into mac mail today and that worked perfectly well also, just something not right with outlook, for me or my business partner.
Is there nobody out there who has any ideas about what the problem is?
Sorry about that - I didn't get a chance to check on this yesterday. We do more Windows Outlook than Mac so i don't know a lot of mac stuff offthe top of my head. Bing certainly doesn't have much on this at all. If the account is MSN, microsoft has this: Outlook for Mac 2011: "An operation on the server timed out. Error code 3259" or "Could not connect to server check your account settings. Error code 3260" when using MSN account - but it is for incoming. The solution there is to check the server name. I certainly recommend that here - re-enter the server name. I have no idea why it would suddenly change (if you did not touch the settings, it was probably corruption, but I have no idea why). In one other case (the error on a SMTP server), the person tested it with the smtp server's ip address and it worked, they reentered the FQDN and it worked. That tells me changing the entry did something that just retyping the address does not. Typing in a fake server name and saving, then re-entering the correct one might do the same.

To get the IP address, type ping in a command window - I have no idea how to do that on a mac. If you don't know either, use Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS If it works, try again with the FQDN.
Thanks for your reply Diane. I've been waiting all day for microsofttechnicians to call me back, that I'm paying for, so I certainly appreciate your help with this service.

Bottom line is, iPads work, blackberrys work and even Mac Mail works, so I've spent most of the day configuring my Mac Mail and I will resign Outlook to the place where all other Microsoft products are heading...the IT graveyard. The King is dead....long live the King. But thanks for your help anyway.

Forgot to mention Diane, that this isn't exclusively an outlook for Mac problem, as my colleague in hong kong has the same issues, yet he uses a windows based laptop.
do you know what his errpr message says? It should have a little more information.

Who is your email provider?
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