Public folders woes (script to change subject line of messages)

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by jasonflory, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. jasonflory


    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum but saw alot of activity around scripting on outlook. Here is my question which could not be answered at MS forums.

    We have have a huge amount of public folders and with our hosted archiving solution we can ingest messages but need a way to find these messages using search criteria.

    Our public folder heirarchy does have a good naming convention (client name, then folders with every project # for that client). I was thinking that if i could come up with a script or application that could append the name of the containing folder to the subject line of each message then i could create pre-configured queries against that number in the subject line in our hosted archive.

    thanks everyone

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