Initial "Connecting" to public folders on startup

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Outlook 2003:

I have a shared calendar and shared tasks lists on my Outlook Today page. This is done by customising the outlook today HTML with object code, picking up the public folders using their EntryID's.

The problem is that when outlook starts, the folders show up as blank placeholders on the page. The only way to get them to show is to "visit" the actual folders first, then return to the today page where they miraculously appear!

I have created a macro which "visits" the two folders in turn, but I'm unable to automate the "return" to the today page as it doesn't appear as one of vba's "default" folders.

Can anyone tell me...

1. if I can "connect" to the public folders without actually visiting them?

2. if I have to visit them (using VBA) how can I then automate the return to the today page?

3. how to automate a script on first starting the outlook application. (there doesn't seem to be an "Outlook_Open()" Procedure header in the dropdowns.

Many thanks


When I say "visiting them", I need to put "outlook://[EntryID}" into the address bar to view them manually - I don't think visiting them from the public favourites (or through the public hierarchy) does any good.

So there are (only) three options that seem to work:

1. Entering "outlook://[EntryID}" into the adderss bar.

2. Running the command "Set Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder = Application.Session.GetFolderFromID("[EntryID], [StoreID]")" for each folder, from VBA.

3. Clicking on an "outlook://[EntryID]" hyperlink - which is effectively the same as #1.

I'd just like to automate the process so the folders are "there to see" when outlook starts.

Did you try using the folder path? "\Public Folders\All Public Folders\Group Calendar"
My mistake... Navigating to them through the hierarchy does actually "register" them as well and they are subsequently displayed on my today page when I return.

That said, clicking on them in my "favorites" does not.

Entering the full folder path in the address bar also works, but not the shortcut path from my favorites.
Still need to automate something on startup to connect to the folders though, rather than manually visiting each one before it will appear on my today page.
Okay, found the application_startup procedure call (I was stupidly looking in a module). Just need a way to programatically return to today page from VBA now.
That is the mailbox root folder - its easy to get back to.

something like

Set oFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Parent.Folder
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