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Im having a problem connecting to my exchange server on one computer but im able to connect on my other computers.
Do you have any error messages? Is it configured exactly the same? Did you let Outlook discover the account or try to configure it yourself? Is the firewall configured the same on all?
I disabled my firewall just to try it. It gives me the error that exchange server must be on in order to connect. Im logging into clients of a domain controller. Could that be an issue?
It sounds more like a firewall issue. It could be because of the DC, but not likely, unless outlook is installed on the DC. When you say 'client of a domain controller', what exactly do you mean?

Check IE's settings - tools, internet options, advanced. Near the bottom is an option for intergrated security. You don't want that enabled.
When i log in. I set my username and password and choose my domain to connect to. When i connect to the domain on a different computer it allows me to access outlook. when other employees log into my computer they "can" access outlook. just my profile isnt able to connect to outlook.
Are they using your windows account or their own windows account on your computer? If another windows account, they have something configured diffferently. Possibly either integrated security (windows login is used to log into other sites automatically) and/or they have outlook configued to always ask for the user/password.

Do you have a profile configured? If you can get into Control panel, mail and begin to set it up then change the settings on the More Settings > Security tab, it might work.
We have a domain controller. Everyone here has to logon to the domain controller. So there are multiple users per computer. Everyones profiles connect to exchange using outlook except for my profile. But if I got logon into my profile on a different physical computer Im able to connect and check my email. Just my profile on this physical computer doesnt allow me too do it.
Because its only this windows profile its either a setting in windows (or outlook's profile) or the windows profile is corrupt. I can't remember - will windows let you make a second windows account for the same domain user? That would be the best way to test if its the profile.
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