Outllook 2007 stops connecting with Exchange after latest MS Updates

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I am a 'comcast business service' user and comcast provides outlook 2007 and connects it (them) to an exchange server (I think they use 2003 exchange - I know active sync is not supported). This was working well for me and I could make changes on my desktop, laptop or cell phone and the changes appeared everywhere. Until 3:16 am 9/16/2011. The desktop stopped being able to connect to the exchange account via Outlook (it let me get my non exchange email from gmail and comcast.net, just no communication with the exchange server for calendar and the email that goes on the server directly. Comcast support first sent me to Microsoft who advised that their contract is with comcast so comcast would need to call them. Outlook was working on the laptop until last night when I signed off and the Windows 7 laptop downloaded updates from the MS autoupdate service. Now neither will connect to exchange. I checked the update on the desktop and see that about 14 files were updated by auto-update on 9/16/11 at 3:16 am! I cannot find any other reports on this problem with Google but did see that (if I recall) last year there was a similar problem and MS advised uninstalling the name update. Do I need to just start uninstalling each update until I find that the connection will work again? This has already eaten up hours of my time and it seems like uninstalling, rebooting etc on 14 could be time-consuming? Diane - if you are reading -- you have been a life saver in the past -- any ideas on this one? Thanks - Scott
Hold the fort! Suddenly outlook is connecting ti exchange again. I wonder if Comcast changed a setting in their Exchange Server that allowed the connections to work again (working on Desktop, laptop and Android (via Touchdown). Or the system begins to behave when it senses Diane? -- Thanks -- Scott
I'm guessing the probem was not with the update but with comcast all along... possibly an update they installed. Most ISP's deny problems or the support staff is unaware of problems because when they try to connect from inside their network, it works.
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