iPad not connecting correctly to Outlook.com account

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Hi Team,

I have an Outlook.com account activated and set up, and accessed fine from Outlook 2013 via EAS.

I have the account set up as EAS account accessed via Hotmail settings in iPad mail. All was working fine till two days ago. Now it takes a ridiculous amount of time to open emails on the iPad with the rotating cycle continuing, "loading" message and eventually "no response from server"

Microsoft acknowledged the problem for two days, now says fixed, but it sure isn't. https://status.live.com/detail/hotmail

Is anyone else experiencing this and have any solutions?


I agree. They are now saying

"There's a problem with Outlook right now.
Problem A small percentage of mobile users may experience intermittent issues while syncing email. 18 August 4:36 AM"



When you say remove and recreate the account, do you mean in Outlook Office, or from Office.com ? If Outlook.com, wouldn't I loose all emails?


Again? Sheesh.

Oh, btw, they others said they restarted the devices, not that they recreated the accounts, to get mail flowing again once the server was up.

- - - Updated - - -

oh, and no, you won't lose the mail. It's all stored on the server and Outlook will re-download the mail from the server. But try restarting outlook and any mobile devices before trying the new account method.
Just to be clear, you mean in Office Outlook 2013 and on the iPad to remove and re-add the EAS access to the Outlook.com account, and not close the Outlook.com account (which says all data including messages, ID and password are lost.)

Yes, just remove it from the device and add it back, if restarting the computer or device doesn't fix it (On the iPad, it might be faster just to remove the account and add it back).
Microsoft advise it is fixed and I would agree it is finally. After 4 days of being off the air from email on my iPad, I hope it doesn't happen again.

I am now very conscious of the little rotating circle on the iPad when Mail is checking the server. Occurs often on EAS accounts.

Thanks for help


Fingers crossed that it stays fixed. :)
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