Outlook 2010 has stopped sinking with my iPhone and iPad

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Mike Spalding

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Can some kind person please help me with this problem? My calendar and contacts in Outlook 2010 on my PC have stopped syncing with my iPhone and ipad, although they do still sync perfectly well between my iPhone and my ipad. Outlook was syncing perfectly well before, but it has now stopped syncing! (I suspect, ever since a recent update on my PC or iPhone).

I have tried several things, including doing a system restore, to a point prior to the update. However, I have now discovered that if I log out of iCloud, and then log back in again, everything syncs initially, but it then fails to sync with any further entries! I am running windows 7 on my PC, with Outlook 2010. My main email account is with BT.com, but I also have Gmail and iCloud accounts set up in Outlook.

I have also noticed that every time I open Outlook, I get an error message asking me to enter my username and password for the following server: p11-imap.mail.me.com. but the username and password are already correctly entered. I enter them again, but still keep getting the same message.

Any suggestions please? This is driving me mad! I’m about to dump my PC and go out and buy an iMac!

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Diane Poremsky

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The me.com password thingy is typical - i can't get rid of it either, well except by removing the account. I don't get much mail on it anyway...

Try deleting the or renaming the iCloud data file - it's in the local app data path - %localappdata% - and have a funny name.aplzod
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