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I have a trial version of Office 365 and am using it hoping there is was a way to sync the Outlook PST between computers automatically. When using Apple mail your mail files are synced between your iPhone, iPad and iMac automatically without any user action. I had hoped Office 365 would have this feature as I have no Exchange Server. The question is can the PST be stored in Skydrive so each computer that opens Outlook can have identical information without moving/copying a PST between computers using some third party software? Apple does it why hasn't Microsoft done this as well? Am I missing something?
It works with apple mail because it's a IMAP account. It works the same in Outlook when you use imap accounts.

Outlook will do the same with Outlook.com/Hotmail calendar, contacts, and email.

Skydrive blocks pst files - apparently dropbox will sync pst files but you need to have outlook closed for the sync to work. Sugarsync tried but fills up the storage with a bunch of temp files in it's deleted storage - i don't know if it would have synced the pst as Outlook is usually open if the computer is running and I ran out of storage space.

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I use specific named PST (like Customer 1, Customer 2, project, various, travel, ...) to store and classify all my emails.
I don't keep email in subfolders of Outlook.pst linked to the account.
pst synchronization will be nice because once you transfer the email to the named pst, it is not available for the other device. Any suggestion ?
If the other device is a computer you can use skydive to copy the pst to another computer. If the pst doesn't change much this can work well. If it changes a lot, a sync utility such as sync2 or the similar utility from CodeTwo.com might work better.

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Thank you for the answer. Yes, The other device is a computer. I understood from your previous answer on this page (Feb 2013) that Skydrive blocks PST. Has this changed ?
Yes, when i last tested it last fall, you could store pst files in skydrive.
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