"Unable to display the folder" error when accessing Group mailbox

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Outlook version
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Exchange Server

I would like to add a group mailbox to my outlook, but getting the following error when clicking on it: "Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location." The steps I've done:

On Server 2003 added the group to myself.

In Outlook added the group mailbox to my account: Tools->Email-Accounts->On the Wizzard clicked Next->Change->More Settings->Advanced tab->Add->Added group mail box.

We have few people using the same group fine, but I can not add myself and few others. I searched on-line and found information only on .pst files not been saved locally. But when I've checked the users who successfully use the same group in their Outlook I couldn't find .pst files locally either. So I thought it must something else, which I don't know what is.

Any suggestions please ?
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