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I'm a newbie here. I searched previous threads and found a similar one ("Installed Outlook but Default Calendar is Blank"), but no solution was posted.

I just upgraded from 2007 Office Enterprise to 2016 Office Pro. I uninstalled 2007 Office (32 bit) before installing 2016 (64 bit) and everything went well, except that now I have two calendars. My old 2007 calendar (now labeled "Calendar") is the one I want to default to, because that has most of my old appointments, but now I am defaulting to a new one entitled "Calendar (This computer only)"

The problem is all my new meeting invites are going to my new Calendar instead of my preferred "Calendar (This computer only)".

I went to Account Settings, but that did not seem to have an option to accomplish that.

So can someone please tell me how to merge the data, and how to make my "Calendar (This computer only)" as the new default?

Thanks in advance.
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