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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to figure this out, google hasn't been much help.

I've created a rule so emails from a specific person are put in a folder, but in doing this I no longer receive notifications on my phone that the person has emailed me, how can I apply this rule but still be notified? I don't want it to be a client side rule either, I want it applied when outlook is closed.

Driving me crazy, I just wanna organize my emails but still be alerted to getting them.


Diane Poremsky

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When the server moves the message, you don't get an alert because alerts are only for mail in the inbox - and the rule moves it as soon as it hits your mailbox. It's my understanding they are looking at adding notification for all folders in the Outlook mobile app but I don't know when it might be added.

You can vote for an comment on this suggestion -

there might be more suggestions there too.
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