mails in my inbox of outlook 2007 tend to go missing after I read them

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This is an ongoing problem for me. All incoming mailsin my inbox apart from thos that I've set rules from the inbox seemed to go missing after a while afte read them.? What could be teh possible cause of this? I've tried every possible means to restore this situation but have failed. Could some one kindly assist me in this regard quickly?


Do you sync with a smart phone? If not, what view do you use? Can you find them if you search?

Outlook has a Hide read messages view, or if you use the Unread search folder to read mail, once you read them, they are removed from the search folder - they will still be in outlook, just not in the Unread folder.
Do you sync with a smart phone? If not, what view do you use? Can you find them if you search?

Outlook has a Hide read messages view, or if you use the Unread search folder to read mail, once you read them, they are removed from the search folder - they will still be in outlook, just not in the Unread folder.

Hi there,

I do not sync with a smart phone.However, the current view is Messages.I can not find them even if I search. Any idea?
Hi there,

I do not sync with a smart phone.However, the current view is Messages.I can not find them even if I search. Any idea?

Today after Outlook Express finished 'compacting emails', a chunk of read emails from April to the present, went missing. I have Windows 2003.

Where have they gone? Some are very important. Sheila
When Outlook Express loses mail when compacting, they are usually gone forever, I think. (We deal with Outlook, not Outlook Express, so i could be wrong).

Check in the email folder where the dbx files are - are their copies of your inbox? I thought OE made copies before compacting. I'm not sure where the folder is but you can find it from the Options, Maintenance dialog.
Mail is never lost forever, it is always stored in a server no matter the client. This is one of the first things you learn in business. Anything you send can be dug up from the grave.
Um. No, all mail is not stored on the server regardless of the client. It depends on the mail host. Even in Exchange server, mail is not always available after its deleted. Of those who use Archiving or backups, many don't keep mail past a couple of years unless required to by law. (eDiscovery can be a ******.)

you can also try opening Outlook in safe mode and check if you are able to view the mails. To do this,

1. Hold Windows key+ R key and type Outlook /safe->click ok. Now check if you are able to view the emails.

2. If Outlook safe works fine, try to disable add-in(s) from File->Options-> Add-in(s).

3. Click on go for COM-Add-Ins and clear the check box for all add-ins close and restart Outlook.

Hope this helps you.
Hi Gurus,

I have a user who is occasionally looses all read emails from her inbox.

Only the ones she did not read are left. The ones that were moved to a seperate folder are intact

Here View setting is set to "All messages" so that's not the cause.

She runs Outlook 2007, or mail server is Exchange 2003

This is the second time she looses her mails, all within a period of 1 month.

She has an iPhone 3GS which syncronizes mail from both her Exchange account (company) and Yahoo POP account (private)

This time:

- She sees all her incoming mails (some read, some unread) in her Outlook

- She leaves her desk to grab a coffee

- She comes back and her incoming mail are gone, except those unread.

The first time:

- She is in the refter with her iPhone, reads a mail that just came in, afterwards sees that most earlier messages are not shown anymore

- She returns to her desk, and sees the messages she received earlier are also gone in her Outlook!

So I suspect there is a syncing problem with the iPhone.

Can anybody point my to the solution?

Slipstick certainly asked the correct question for my problem.


I'm sure its related to syncing but I'm not sure of the exact issue.

Is it random or reproducable? If reproducable, turn off the phone or disable the account on the phone and see if it happens again. If its random, this is not going to work well. :(

Are the items deleted for good or moved to the deleted items folder?

Are all read messages removed or just ones over a certain age, like 3 days. (I think that is the default for iphones.)

Is she cleaning up messages on the phone? I'm not even sure its possible to set it to bulk remove messages to free space on the phone - i don't recall a setting on the ipad to do anything like that and AFAIK, the software is basically identical, feature wise.
Oh, and one more thing, is she using activesync or pop'ing the mailbox?
Hi Diane,

The problem happens random.

The items were deleted for good. All read messages were gone (from the Inbox only, not those she moved to an Outlook subfolder)

Onle a few recent unread mails were left. Chances are that some old unread mails were deleted to - cannot be sure.

Here iPhone 3GS has been upgraded to IOS 4.0.1 (not ideal, the phone slowed down alot), but that is already a long time ago.

She is never cleaning messages up on her iPhone.

It is syncing, not POP'ing, because Outlook on her PC is her main email client.

The iPhone is handy for reading incoming mails when she is in a meeting, at lunch, evenings ... and responding to it when needed.


It's hard to test when events are random, but it could be the phone that is removing it. I lost appointments when the phone deleted them. :(
Very similar issue to what has been posted here. Here's my story. My IT manager ran windows update on Exchange Server 2007 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 yesterday and during the update, the server rebooted and connection was lost between all open Outlook 2007 clients and the server. When the connection was re-established a short time later, Outlook was opened on all PC's and everything was fine. However, with one PC in particular (mine) that has the largest OST/PST size of about 9GB, the last three weeks of inbox emails were "lost" and are not showing up anywhere - the most current ones available start from 12/28 (which also happens to coincide with the last good exchange backup from using Windows Server backup). I originally thought that this was a local Outlook OST corruption issue but this doesn't seem to be the case as when I connect to the server from outside through OWA or from my phone, the most current emails again start at 12/28, leading me to believe that the inbox was corrupted somehow on the server and that this is not limited to the PC (all PC's are running Windows XP SP3). I checked the dumpster (Tools -> Recover Deleted Items) but nothing is there and I don't think that this is a deleted items issue. It is also interesting to note that this issue is limited to the inbox only; my sent folder is fine and apparently untouched. My IT manager and I have no idea how this happend, why it is limited only to my PC, why others weren't affected, and why I can't seem to get the last three weeks of emails back. I ran Scanost on my PC but to no avail (only a few miscelleneous sync issues were reported). Anyone have any suggestions on how I can retrive the lost emails? I believe that they're still in Exchange Server but Outlook or any other client doesn't see them. Thanks in advance for your time and attention! Dave.
Did you look in the sync issues folder? 3 weeks is a lot of mail to move into sync issues, but that would be the only logical place to look.

You checked for views, correct?

I don't think its the phone - older mail would be missing, not new mail - but what phone do you use? Did you ever have the missing mail on your phone?
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