unable to view houtlook folders

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first post on this forum, so be easy. lol

im having a problem with my outlook connector. i have 2 email accounts setup.
1x pop3 account (works fine)
1x IMAP hotmail connector account.

i use my pop3 account for sending and recieveing emails, and i use my hotmail account to store my calender and contacts.

when i set my pop3 as default my emails work fine, when i press new it opens a new email with my pop3 set to send, with all my signatures etc. but i cant view my imap folders.

"unable to view folders.."

however if i set my hotmail account up to default. i can view these folders, but not my default new message is the hotmail not the pop3 so i lose my signatures.

if i then go into email accounts again and set my pop3 account to default i can recieve mail and view the folders. but if i close it it stops working again and i have to do it again.

ive tried uninstaling both outlook and connector.

i dont want to use profiles.

any clue as to how i can sort this one out?

im incredibly annoyed with it. i have this running on another machine and its fine.

my outlook is 2003, and its v14 outlook connector. there isnt a exchange server.

thanks alot for any help!
Not open for further replies.