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I have a rule setup to match "Undelivered Mail" or "Undeliverable:" in Subject and move the email to a specifc folder that has worked for a long time. Recently many of the emails with the specified words in them do not get moved to the specific folder and stay in my inbox. Looking at the difference between one that matchs and one that does not, the one that does not has =?Windows-1252?Q? just after Subject: in the mail headers. I know what the =?Windows-1252?Q? is for and does, but it seems Outlook does not process this before checking if the Subject contains the words I specified to match on.

So is this a problem with OutLook 2007, which I am running?

If so, what can be done to make it work correctly?

Or is it a problem with Exchange Server 2010, which my account was recently moved to, from I think Exchange Server 2007?

If the problem is at the Exchange Server side, what do I tell my IT Support Staff to look for and correct, patches, SPX?


Jack Allen
If the problem started when your account was moved, its the server's fault. I don't think there are any fixes or patches but the Admin should make sure the server is fully updated.

Have you tried adding that string to the rule? "Undelivered Mail" or "Undeliverable:" or "=?Windows-1252?Q?Undelivered Mail" or "=?Windows-1252?Q?Undeliverable:"

You shouldn't need the full string, I think just 1252?Q? as the - should be seen as break.
Thanks for the reply and suggestion and that would work for that one rule. I used that one as a simple example because I have several othesr with basically the same problem. When they fail to match the text, the =?Windows-1252?Q? may be in the middle or near the end of the Subject text. This is why I was hoping it was a known problem with a fix I could tell my IT Staff to apply patch X to the Exchange Server.

This seems to be happening more and more because people are putting none ASCII characters in the Subject line, like TM and (R). And it seems some Auto Replies are defaulting to using either =?Windows-1252?Q? or =?utf-8?B? and again it can appear anywhere in the text not just at the beginning. In fact I have seen both in one Subject line.

Because most of my rules are done on the Exchange Server I guess I will have to open a ticket with my Help Desk and try to explain the problem to them.


Jack Allen
It's not outlook or exchange, it's the sender's system - this is from my gmail account -

Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=98=85_October_Points.com_balance_summary?=

I can't remember if underscores are ignored / treated as spaces or as a character. Periods and dashes are treated as spaces.
I think in you example it will display correctly in OutLook because it will be decoded. But I think the real problem is the Excahnge Server does not decode it before running the rule, therefore it will not match if specific words are trying to be matched.


Jack Allen
Do your's have the underscores too? I'll test it, but i thought they were counted as word separators, so the rules should see "October", "Points" and "com" as 3 words, not as one long word.
I don't have one to look at currently. If =?UTF-8?B? is used then the charcaters that follow are base 64 encoded until ?=. The =?UTF-8?Q? uses =XX where XX is the hex value of the character and can have normal looking characters, words, but have _ in palce of a space. So if the rule matching treates _ the same as a space it is not going to match. But I will let you do some testing to see for sure.

Are you using an excahnge server?


Jack Allen
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