How to prevent exchange email account from sending emails in Outlook

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I'm using Outlook 2010 with two email accounts. First account is set up with pop/smtp (hosted email), Second account is set up with local exchange server 2003 (not full exchange, only used to store emails, calendars, public folders). For sending & receiving emails we use hosted email account pop/smtp, which is default account.

The problem is when I receive meeting request.....if i hit Accept > Send the Response Now, for some reason it will try to send from the Exchange account (which is not set up for sending emails).

The only workaround I know is to hit Accept > Edit the Response before Sending > change account from exchange to pop and send.

Would you please help me if there is a fix or any way to disable exchange account from sending emails !!

Thanks a lot.
It's a problem with how Exchange 2003 handles meetings in this type of situation. I thought I wrote an article about it but couldn't find it - the best way to deal with this IMHO, is to set the server to send mail to a smart host and add the hosted email addresses to the mailboxes as the default SMTP. The meeting gets sent via Exchange but the return address is the hosted address so replies work correctly.

I found this article - - but its not very detailed. (I'll update it some.) I don't have an Exchange 2003 server anymore to check the exact steps, but i seem to recall the smart host is configured in the IIS SMTP server. You'd use the smtp server your hosted account uses.
Thanks a lot for the information!

I hopped there would be a fix in Outlook 2010 and I don't have to make any changes in Exchange Server. I don't feel comfortable with the Exchange 2003 but I'll give a try.

(btw Outlook 2007 works fine, it doesn't send emails from exchange)

Thank You.
Is the profile configured the same as it was in 2007? Outlook 2010 is a little pickier about Exchange being the default account.
Is the profile configured the same as it was in 2007? Outlook 2010 is a little pickier about Exchange being the default account.

Yes, same configuration.

I did mention our Exchange 2003 is not full exchange, Protocols: Imap4, SMTP, NNTP, POP3 are disabled !!
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