Multiple mailboxes, 1 certificate. How to prevent message "Invalid Certificate"

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After searching the internet without finding a solution, I am opening this thread to see if someone can help me out with the following case:

- Outlook 2013 Client
- Exchange 2010 Server
- 1 personal mailbox account (
- 1 shared department mailbox (
- 1 PersonalSign 2 Department certificate from GlobalSign assigned to the department mailbox address.

Current situation:
We have setup Outlook with the personal account. The shared mailbox is added through AutoDiscover and the personal account has Full Access and Send As rights on the shared mailbox.

The PersonalSign 2 Department Certificate is imported in the personal certificate store of the user and configured in the Trust Center of Outlook.

When we send an email from the personal address, it is send without certificate.
When we send an email from the department address, it is also send without certificate, except when we manually set the email to "Sign Message" before sending.

Preferred situation:
We do not want to click the "Sign Message" every time when sending email from the department mailbox, so we changed the settings in the Trust Center to add the digital signature to every outgoing email.
This works fine when sending from the department mailbox, but as soon as we send an email from the personal mailbox, a message is shown that the certificate is invalid.

The message shown is a valid message, because the personal mailbox account does not have a personal certificate.

How can we configure Outlook so that when sending from the personal mailbox, the email is send without certificate and when we send email from the department mailbox, it is automatically signed?
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