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Just looking for the least painful way for doing the following.

We have about 50 sales reps in our company, and they are all currently set up as POP3 accounts. We want to convert all their accounts to exchange. I know I can just change their plans with our email provider from a POP to an exchange and than create a new profile with the same email as the POP3 accounts, but set it up as an exchange.

But my question is, all these reps have existing emails in all their POP3 accounts and I don't want to have them backup their outlooks to a pst file and than re-import that into the exchange account (which I am thinking that is how it can be done). But is there a way to give them an exchange account and still have them use their existing ost with the exchange? Hoping that I could "Point" the new exchange account to their existing POP3 ost and that would sync up to the exchange server and I could delete the POP3 profile and they have everything as before except they are not an exchange user.

I want to make it as easy as possible for them because a lot of the reps are not comfortable with PC's and since we would like them to do it themselves, the easier the better.

They will be setting up their exchange on all their mobile devices as well but that isn't a concern for me since I believe all of them have a laptop/desktop with all their emails on it and just use the phone/tablets when on the road.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


If they are using POP3, their email is "backed up" into a pst file already. Someone needs to import it into the Exchange account - or add the Exchange account to the profile and let the keep the pst in their profile (or import it into exchange, if they want to). They can remove the POP3 account but not the data file.

Also Outlook 2007 will let you set an Exchange mailbox to deliver to a pst file but I'd avoid that if at all possible - it breaks many features of Exchange.
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