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I converted my Outlook 2007 setup from POP3 to IMAP - for use with my Comcast email account. I may have done something out of order. I added an IMAP account, and got that to work just fine. My old Personal Folders are still there, including Inbox. Every time I start up Outlook, it defaults to my old POP3 Inbox. I can click on my new IMAP inbox, and send/receive mail just fine. Is there any way to get Outlook to automatically start up looking at my IMAP inbox?

I thought maybe I would have to delete a POP3 account that was still there, but I don't see it. I think I messed up by not deleting the POP3 account BEFORE I created an IMAP account.

I think I'm close, but I need some help. Thank you!
When you open outlook, you want to see the imap Inbox? Go to tools, options and on the Other tab, you can choose the startup folder.

Dear Ms. Poremsky,

I use Outlook 2010 Professional. I recently switched from POP3 to IMAP. As you will note, I had to create an account My intention is to have the following happen:

When I open Outlook, I want my IMAP inbox to appear first. Also, I would like to have all of my IMAP activity appear under "Outlook", at the top of the listing on the left, as it did when I used POP3. I currently have emails in there; if necessary, I can get rid of them.

I've seen your advice several times; you really know Outlook!

Best regards,



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The short answer to your question is to simply drag the Root folder for your Imap account in the Nav Pane to be above the set of folders for the POP account.

Just as a FYI - if you were to configure a profile with only an Imap account in '2010 - you would see/get 2 PST files. By default the first would be called "Outlook Data File" complete with all default folders and the second would be for your Imap account. Reason is that the first contains the default folders for contacts/calendar etc which are not part of an Imap account at the server level.

In your case, sounds like you added the Imap account to a profile which already had the POP account so there was no need to create a different PST file for default contacts etc - the PST file assigned to your POP account is used for that purpose.

(FWIW - this is not the same behaviour if this involved O'2013)
You can't deliver IMAP to a data file of your choice. You either need to use pop3 or rules to move the messages using rules.
What exactly is the question being asked?
a) how to change the destination of where messages are being delivered?
b) how to change the sequence in which the PST files (along with the associated folders) in the profile are presented in the Nav pane - or more specifically how to make the default Imap PST file/folders appear at the top of the list?
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