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My tired old XP computer periodically forgets how to connect to the Internet. To fix it, I have to reboot. To do that, I have to shut down all applications. Sometimes, Outlook has messages which it couldn't send because of the lack of an Internet connection. When I close Outlook, I get a pop-up asking if I want to exit without sending. It has a countdown timer that starts at 30 seconds.

There are two buttons: "Exit Without Sending" and "Don't Send". If I click on Exit Without Sending, the timer resets to 30 and starts counting down again. So I have to wait 30 seconds.

Sometimes, after it counts down to 0, it will restart and count down again.

This makes no sense. Is there anything I can do to make it behave rationally?

I've attached a screen shot ot the pop-up.

Outlook 20150318 2221 Exit Without Sending.jpg
I've attached the dialog showing which Add-ins are installed. As far as I know, none of these are new. The LexisNexis Add-in was installed 7-8 years ago.
Outlook 20150319 0746 Installed Add-Ins.jpg

I'll see if I can remember to try setting it offline the next time it happens, but that would be about as inconvenient as just waiting 30 seconds.

The Office products are so flaky. They've always been flaky, but I think they are getting worse. Now I read that Microsoft is laying off the entire test division. Talk about pouring gasoline on the fire. I think it's time to start migrating to Open Office. M$FT is toast. They missed the Internet, the cloud, and the smartphone. Ballmer pretty much drove it into a ditch.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
Change Notifier is used by iTunes/iCloud - disable it. If you are using a message to sms service, the mobile service can be disabled too.
What else is that Add-in used for? What is, what possible other side effects could there be?

How is this Add-in related to the exit error problem?

ChangeNotifier is installed by Apple. I don't know if it is causing the problem - you'll know if it stops. :) It's only used by iTunes and iCloud when you are syncing with a device using either method. iCloud is known to cause a number of issues with Outlook. I don't recall this problem on the list (plus, you only have changenotifier, not iCloud), but it can prevent outlook from closing.

Have you tested it using Safe mode? To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.
I disabled the Change Notifier as you suggested. It does not seem to have caused anything else to break, but it also did not fix the problem.

I have not tested it in Safe Mode. What will that tell me? What should I be looking for?
If it works in Safe mode, then we know it's a addin or support file.
OK. So I'll have to close it, wait the 30 seconds for it to actually close, then reopen it in Safe mode, then try to close it again, right?

In the past, there have been adverse side-effects to Safe mode. At least with Windows, the desktop gets all screwed up. Is there anything like that with Outlook? This is enough of an annoyance that I want to risk making things worse.
Outlook in safe mode shouldn't cause windows problems - it will use the default folder list and other default settings - when you re-open in normal mode, everything will revert to normal.
Yes, of course. I meant starting Windows in Safe mode causes problems for Windows. I didn't mean that Outlook's Safe mode would cause problems for anything but Outlook, which already has enough of its own problems. I guess I should have been more specific. It seems to me that I have run into problems with other programs with their "safe" mode, but I can't think of any at the moment.
I wanted to make sure you weren't going to open windows in safe mode - I know a lot of microsoft "support" staff suggest that, but it's really unnecessary except in rare situations.

Addins won't work and the navigation bar will be set to default because no addins and custom support files load in Safe mode. Otherwise, it's ok. If you use outlook.com, that uses the outlook connector and it won't load (it's an addin) but other accounts should work ok.
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