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I'm helping a friend who's wife has an iPhone and iPad while he uses the iMac. Both use Apple mail.

They have IMAP implemented so when she deletes an email from their joint acct. on her iPad, it disappears on his desktop computer, but he wants it retained. She also has her own email acct just for her devices.

I have not used POP for some years, but recall, in Windows at least, a box with POP that said "leave email on server". Would that work for them? I realize that there would be redundant copies of everything on all devices and they'd have to redundantly manage each email on each device but this may be ok with them.

It seems to me that with POP, if "leave email on the server" is enabled, it becomes the same as IMAP, but my memory is fuzzy on this. What am I missing?

Your memory is correct on how pop3 behaves with mail left on the server - and as long as the iPhone and iPhone support pop3, you can add it as pop3. A better option might be using an archive folder on the phone and ipad - you can swipe to get messages out of her face into the archive folder. He'll use the archive folder to see what she deleted.
Hmm, and he'll see the same archive folder on his device? it's his iPhone or iMac desktop.

thank you, even though I had this in the wrong forum.
I'll double check on my iPhone, but AFAIK, yes, as long as the phone is configured to archive it, not delete it.
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