How To Break Up Huge POP3 Downloads?

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Someone has asked me to help switch from EarthLink's web-based email client to Outlook 2013. There are just over 14,000 emails in the inbox, and I need to download them to a PST file, then keep only the last 30 days of messages online going forward.

My past experience with POP3, being a text-based protocol without a robust checksum mechanism, occasionally drops a character during long, single transfers. This results in blocks of locally garbled and lost messages.

Can you suggest any way (including programmatically) that I can break up the transfer into blocks of, say, 1,000 message downloads?

That way, if any message gets garbled, I can locally delete and re-download only that block, until I am sure that I have all of the messages safely on the computer before removing that block from the server.

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I'm not aware of any way to do that. Current mail clients, including Outlook, should handle the download without a problem though. I know outlook will download a block of messages (not sure the total count) then pause to check for new mail and outgoing mail and start the next block.
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