Is it an address book or a contact folder, I'm discombobulated?

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Hi Diane,

I upgraded from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2013 last year and I still haven't figured out the address book! I've resorted to keeping my email addresses in a spreadsheet and copying and pasting them into new messages. Help!

Shift+Ctrl+B used to give me an alphabetical listing of email addresses in Outlook 2000. I could add, edit or delete entries or use them to address an email.

In 2013 I can't address an email, delete, edit or add from the Shift+Ctrl+B screen, it just searchers.

When I click on the third lower left icon showing two people and then home > list view I get multiple alphabetical lists broken into what look like folders by company name. The first folder is Company: (none): 344 items, the second is Company: (none): 76 items, followed by four folders each with a real company name and one contact under each. I can add contacts in this screen but they show up in one or the other folders with no company name and I never know which.

How can I organize this screen into one alphabetical folder not broken into company names?
How can I combine the two Company: (none) folders into one?
How can I determine which folder a new entry will pop up in?
If I click on the lower left envelope icon, then Ctrl+N, then Alt+., will I be able to search in this list?
And, what is the difference between an address book and a contact list, they seem to be different?

When you click Ctrl+Shift+B, there are two radio buttons at the top left. Which is selected? Name only should allow it to work like before.

On Contacts: It's not really separate folders, you are grouping by company names. click the view tab and either choose a different grouping or click View settings, Group by and set it to not group. But first... note how many are in each (None) group and create a new contact so you can see which none group is the correct one. Then drag the others to it. See for more information.

Search should work...

Address book contains a list of your contacts that have electronic addresses. If you have more than one contacts folder or address source, they'll all be listed in the Address Book. These are available when you send email. I use an old fashioned address book as a comparasion here:
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