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Hi All,

I am in desperate need of assistance. I need to find a way to automatically save draft calendar appointments as they are being composed (similar to how email messages can be set to automatically save after X minutes. Specifically, I am trying to save the Notes / Comments within an Outlook Calendar Appointment.

Please help - this is really important to me. My boss said I would lose my job if I do not find a way to accomplish this. (not fair, right?) He was drafting a calendar appointment today when the notes were randomly deleted from the draft... so he blamed me for not enabling / testing the auto-save feature for Outlook calendar appointments.

If anyone can help I would be most grateful - I am willing to explore whatever necessary!
Tell your boss you didn't do anything wrong. Appointments are saved as a draft, but if he closes a changed item, he'll be asked whether or not to save it. Only if he clicks No the draft will be deleted. If he clicks Yes, it will be saved to the calendar. There's not much you can do to prevent someone who's fingers are faster than his brain from doing something accidentally.
Thanks, Michael. I appreciate your reply

Do you know if any add-ons exist that might accomplish such task? Even if in Outlook 2013
What task would an addin do, automatically save the appointment because the boss is too dumb to answer "yes, save changes" when asked?

I am not aware of any addins - you could do it with a macro, but it can have unintended consequences - like if he decided to delete the notes from the message body but changed his mind and wanted to cancel without saving changes. Too bad, so sad, the autosave he demanded already saved changes. (Ok, Ctrl+Z will undo some of the changes so it might not be a total loss, but that assumes he remembers Ctrl+Z before closing the appointment.)
I hear you, Diane. I hear you.

Thanks for the input. I have had a very difficult time looking for such an add-in... I doubt one exists.

The "auto-save" / "auto-recover" feature would really be to protect in the event of Outlook crashing -- He had something like this happen earlier this year, where Outlook crashed when he was composing notes in a Calendar Appointment. It would be fine if it were a document in Word / Excel... these programs recover (at least some of the in-progress work).

I'm not really sure what options I have other than telling him to use the save button like normal people do.
Autorecover will only help if the the recovery point is right before a crash. :) He can use word to compose longer notes than copy and paste into the appointment. But... if Outlook's autosave kicked in, the last autosave version should in drafts.
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