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Hello All!

I hope I can find some closure here on a problem I've been researching! A user "claims" to have been able to drag-n-drop an email from Outlook 2010 onto her desktop, rename the .msg file to a different name than the original subject, attach it to a new email and have that new filename "stick" as the attachment name. This is all done without any third party solutions or hacks. Of course all of a sudden, the user claims that she is now no longer able to do this!

I have tried but I simply cannot reproduce what she claims to have done. Each and every time, the .msg attachment name gets reverted back to the original subject line of the original email. If the original subject of the email was "123" and I renamed it to "abc" on the desktop, it gets reverted back to 123 when I attach it to a new email.

Is the user hallucinating or is there some setting in Outlook that allows a user to do as explained? The only way I could do this is to save the email as an OFT file first instead of MSG. Only then does the file name stick. Another trick was editing the actual subject line of the email in Outlook itself and then attaching it that way.

Please give me closure! Thank you!
Hmmm. I'll test it, but I thought the user's description was how it worked in older versions of Outlook - it's how i'd expect it to work. BTW, there is no setting to control this, it's just how outlook handles it.

In a really quickie test, how you attach matters-

Thank you so much! Right-clicking the file and using Send-To definitely does what the user claims. I will run this by her to see if that is indeed what she have done in the past. Maybe she just had a memory lapse and forgot how she did it!
Interesting. I tried this in Outlook 2013 and got the same results as you did. However, I just tried it for Outlook 2010 and using the Send-To option doesn't work in that the msg attachment name has once again reverted back to its original subject title!
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