Windows 10 Outlook 16 and mail not working, encryption?

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Dear Slipstick,

I have just started using windows 10 and cannot setup outlook. I have outlook working on windows 8 on another computer but I cannot get it to work on windows 10.

I have a domain name, and my email is provided by my webhost. I live in Thailand, and I think there are issues between Thailand and Microsoft!! On the windows 10 computer ftp does not work either.

I have just clicked on fix account on mail, and it said that the certificate was not valid do I want to continue and I said yes. I am satisfied with my provider. But it does not work, and I get the message that my account is out of date.

Let me stress that my email works on webmail on the windows 10 computer, the email works with outlook on windows 8 computer but outlook does not work on windows 10 and I keep getting the message settings out of date. FTP does not work on he windows 10 computer.

When I was setting up the account on mail there was this a box requiring SSL for incoming and outgoing mail.
This is new. They were ticked and I unticked them because
on outlook (file -> account settings->change->more settings-> advanced) it has this:-

"Use the following type of encryption - NONE"

I have unticked ssl in both boxes but it doesn’t work.

I have tried ssl ticked and changed it in the outlook settings – it does not work.

On windows 8 computer I changed the encryption to SSL and it doesn’t work.

Can you help?

Hope you are keeping well,

All the Best,

Dear Slipstick,

I have solved the problem.

I have password software and I copied-and-paste into the account form. It must have been wrong (wrong dots?:) ). I typed it in and was able to connect.

Hope you are keeping well,

All the Best,

Yeah, sounds like a wrong password. What I usually do when I keep getting the password dialog is type it in notepad so I can see that is it correct then copy and paste from notepad.

Fwiw and for others finding this thread, the ssl setting for the ports/servers is not the same as the encrypted connection. One can be selected without using the other.
Thanks Diane for this. I will continue to store using password software but if I think there is a form-filling issue I will copy to notepad first.
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