[SOLVED] Forced to type Domain/username for OWA 2003 with IE 7 or 8

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Hello all,

I'm new here. I've recently been moved to a LAN Admin position so I'm still wet behind the ears. One of my first assignments is to figure this out.

We are running OWA from Exchange 2003. We have users running all different versions of IE (6, 7 and 8). Users running IE 6 can go to our OWA site and login with username and password only. However, IE 7 and 8 users are unable to login this way. If they type in their username and password, the pop up box comes back with mail.domain.com/username. If the user changes it to domain\username, it will let them login. Why are they being forced to enter a domain name when using IE 7 and 8, but not with 6?

Everything I've looked up seems to point to changes needing to be made on the Exchange server. However, this has to be an IE issue since it's only affecting IE 7 and 8. As a test, I took a user running IE 6 that was not experiencing the problem--then I upgraded them to IE 8 and the problem started. I then downgraded them back to IE 6 and the problem stayed. Then, I went into Internet Options and reset IE back to defaults and it started working fine again.

Any clue?
Also, if you haven't already, put the owa site in the trusted zone.

In IE's Tools, options-

Security tab: Check the browser security settings - near the bottom of the security options are authentication options. Compare the settings in the browsers.

Advanced: Is windows intergrated security enabled? (in the last section)
I think it worked! I went into the Tools>Internet Options>Security. Highlighted Trusted Sites and clicked "custom level".

At the bottom under Logon" it was set to Login when on Intranet. I changed it to "auto login with user name and password" (this was how the IE 6 machine was set).

That seemed to fix it. I really appreciate all of your help!!
Glad to point you in the right direction - and thanks for sharing what worked. It should help others.
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