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Is there a way to select multiple messages from my inbox and link them all to one opportunity? Auto-link isn't an option because I'm dealing with different opportunities for the same account/contact.

I've looked around and am pretty sure there are no built in functionalities for this, so if anyone has a VBA / macro solution, that could be interesting as well...

This is very easy, and build in in BCM (if I understand your problem correctly):

- Go to your inbox

- Select the first message/e-mail you would like to attach to the opportunity

- Click "Link to record" in the upper right corner of the ribbon

- Select "opportunities" as Item Type

- Select the opportunity you want to attach the selected message/e-mail to

- Select "Link to"

- Click "OK"

- Repeat this step with all messages/e-mails you want

- You can view the messages/e-mails attached to an opportunity under "history"

I hope this is what you were looking for.....? :)
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