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We recently migrated from BPOS to Office365. The transition went well and our users who had office 2003 were upgraded to office 2010.

I have one user (so far) who is unable to view his contacts in the address book.

When selecting the address book directly it does not show his contacts and when selecting "To" in a new email, His contacts do not display even though the contacts folder is selected under Outlook Address Book.

I have verified that outlook address book is present when viewing his account settings. I have also verified that his account is setup to "show this folder as an email address book" in his contact properties. This option is grayed out.

I have attempted to create a new profile on his computer and I get the same results.

I have attempted to creaate his profile on a different computer and get the same results.

I'm not sure what esle to do here. Any suggestions or fix's would be greatly appreciated.

How did you migrate? If you open a contact and edit the email address then save it, does it show in the address book? If so, the contacts were not resolved during migration. (I have a macro here somewhere that will touch all of the contacts so the addresses resolve. )
I have just poseted a thread, before I saw this, if I add a new contact, it shows at the bottom of the list, Did you find that macro, that may be my fix ;-)


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I would be interested in that macro. I've got the same problem. Used the To: to find a contact. Could not find. Went to the Contacts and it was there. Opened the contact and added a word to the notes. Went back to email, Clicked to To: typed the name and it came up. I'd prefer not to have to do this with the other 700 contacts.
Use the macro here - - change this:

With objContact

If .FirstName <> "" Then
Let .User3 = .FirstName
If .LastName <> "" Then
Let .User4 = .LastName
.FirstName = .User4
.LastName = .User3

to this:

With objContact
          If .email1address <> "" Then
          Let .User3 = .email1address
        .email1address= .User3

The macro runs on the selected contacts, so use ctrl+a to select all then run it.
Tried the Macro. Had to rem out one of the extra end if. Ran it on just one contact to test it. Did not seem to do anything. Added a .companyname="." to make sure it was accessing the Contact. The period was added. But it still did not show up in the list or using the find. I then went into the contact, took the period out and saved it. Then when I did a find, it did show up and now it is in the list. Any other thoughts?
It's the touch-and-save steps that resolve the address - but because the field didn't actually change, outlook doesn't notice.

This double save should work - (fingers crossed :))

With objContact
If .email1address <> "" Then
Let .User3 = .email1address
.email1address= ""
.email1address= .User3
end with
Well... it is copying the email address to .user3. And it is putting it back, but it still does not show. I opened it up, added a period to the notes manually, and saved and now it does show up. Would two macros maybe make a difference? The first one saves a blank to the email address after copying it to .user3 and then the 2nd macro copying it back to the email address?
Follow up - That did not work either. Is there a way to make it open the Contact visually and make the change and then save and close? Just thinking on how to closely approximate the manual change.
That second sample should be the same as two macros. I wonder if .body = .body & "." would work...
The macro shows .user3 with a copy of the email. Also the period added to the body (notes), but still will not show up in the address book unless I open, quit, save the contact.
I have one more idea... (i can't test it here because mine all resolve. :( )

We'll try having the macro open and close the contact.
After save, add .display & .close:

.close 1

end with

to avoid the flashing, you could try this in place of save/display - close 0 is save and close.

.close 0
end with

i'd probably use it with the email address field version but that's up to you, since I can't easily test.
Thanks for the update. I'll make note of it on the web site as i know you are not the only person whose had this problem.
I did this for a client of mine. I spot checked it and it looked like it worked fine. Today she told me she noticed when she uses the TO: to select an email address from the address book that it puts it in differently than it used to. It used to just have the name and email address. Now it has the name, company, and email address. Does that make any sense to you?
I was starting to ask why not running in Outlook 2013 and realized I forgot to select all. sorry to bother you.


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