Editing a .PRF file for new users after deploying Outlook 2010 with MSP

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I am researching an easy way to make a change to the current Outlook .PRF file that we have deployed to our Terminal Servers using an MSP created by the OCT. I used the "import PRF" option in the OCT, which looks like it packages the PRF within the MSP somehow, and then when the install is run, the PRF gets copied out to the \Program Files\Microsoft Office folder.

We have run into the issue with the PRF containing the wrong setting for creating Unicode PST files, and would like to change the PRF on each terminal server to correct the issue. We are not concerned about existing users, only those users who would be logging in for the first time and creating a new PST.

With this said, can I just edit the existing C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\xxx.PRF file on all the Terminal servers to effect this change for new users?

Note: I would also change the .PRF and re-import to update our MSP file, so that any future Office installs would deploy the correct PRF.

I am hoping to avoid either re-deploying Office 2010 by re-running the MSP on every terminal server, or having to use the /importprf switch on every user.

Since this only involves first time users, am I OK to follow the described workflow?

Thanks in advance for your time!
Ok, thanks Diane. Yes, I did see that in one of the other Slipstick forum posts. Thanks for your quick reply!
An update to this post, after finding something out during this exercise. In order to make this change easier to deploy, I decided to copy an edited PRF file out to a network share, and then deploy to my servers via a batch/copy script. Well, this doesn't work. :( Apparently, Outlook/Office has some sort of hook to the exact PRF file, and the only way to effect the change is by editing the existing PRF file.

Another interesting item - in troubleshooting the issue, I ended up renaming the .PRF out on \Program Files\Microsoft Office, thinking that the .PST would not get created correctly, due to the missing PRF file. Well, it still got created. Not sure how to explain this one.

Bottom line: If you need to make a change to a .PRF file that was created with the OCT, applied to an MSP, and then deployed to a server via the MSP, you need to edit the .PRF file - it cannot be copied over with a different .PRF file.
Thanks for the info.

Re: the pst file creation - Outlook defaults to Unicode when it creates a new pst. If the PRF isn't setting up the profile with the wrong format, Outlook will use the new format.
Re: the PST file creation - Outlook was still creating an ANSI .PST file, with the specific POP3 settings, etc. that we have configured in the PRF, even though the PRF file was renamed on the server. This whole issue was tested by deleting the roaming profile folder for the test user I was using, and also deleting the .PST file. After logging in with the "clean" user and launching Outlook, I saw the "applying settings" pop-up window (or whatever it says). No PRF was available for Outlook to use, as far as I knew, because I renamed it. Weird.
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