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I have Outlook 2016 (via Office 365).

I have a local PST file where I keep my data, emails. scheduler, etc. This is my default data file. I am using Gmail to receive and send my emails. This is my default email. Basically in my Gmail folders I do not keep any data. It is just a means (bridge) to send and receive emails.

For my tasks, I save them as separate files outside of Outlook. When I need to update something I open the Task file and make my changes. This is where my question comes in.

When I edit the task (usually when I add a file), the edited task ends up in my Inbox of my Gmail account. I then need to drag it back from my Inbox to the folder location on my C drive.

I was using Outlook 2010 and at times the same thing would happen but the task would end up in my Task folder in my default data folder. Here it is appearing in my Inbox in my default gmail account.

Any ideas / suggestions on why this might be happening?

Thank you.

It's a bug. It first came to my attention in 2015 and came up again recently. Both 2013 and 2016 are affected but apparently either "no one" uses tasks or they don't do the steps that cause it. I don't have a status on a fix.

This is the one repro I am aware of -
"When you select a contact and choose Assign task then cancel the assignment but keep the task, the task goes into the Inbox, not the Tasks folder. "

Thank you again for all your help.

Many times after I open a task, add a file in notes, click save, it fails. I then need to open the task from the Inbox, add the file again, and then try to save again. Sometimes it takes a few times before it does save. I either get cannot save or the file is opened a second time and cannot saved. When and why I receive the errors I do not know. When it does save, I then drag it back to my C drive.

With tasks, in notes I add dates with notes and included files / emails with that date/text. That organization works for me. I also tried saving the files as links, other email folders, etc.; however, that just places the data in multiple locations. For my use, having all the data in one location organized by dates/ notes (with attachments) works for me.

May I ask do you know of any add on / utility that works likes tasks in Outlook where I can save emails / files in notes?

Thank you for your time.

I may have found a possible work around.

When I open a task (from my local drive), I initially complete a save. I add files, text, etc. and when done I complete a Save As to my desktop. When I close the task it again prompts about saving. I tried not saving and saving but the result of the file on my desktop still seems to be the same. I then copy the file to the required location on my local drive.

I still have the task in my "Inbox" which I just delete and use the file on my desktop.

It seems to work since I've been using it, but I check each time to make sure all is saved correctly. I'm guessing I could probably just overwrite the file on my local drive (not save to my desktop); however, I'm just verifying all is OK first.

Many times after I open a task, add a file in notes, click save, it fails.
Does it respond with an error message? I'm guessing its the same problem some people have when they make a change to a message in imap and outlook returns an error because it hasn't updated the server yet (or hasn't gotten a response back that the change was saved). Selecting a different message then go back to the original one usually fixes it.
Thank you.

Since I tried it, the results vary. Sometimes it works OK. Other times I get a message that it cannot save, has been opened by another user and cannot save (immediately after I just opened the file), out of memory (even for a very small file), and then at times it works OK. No matter what I do it seems to always show up in my Inbox.

I'm just not sure exactly what approach is best since based on what Task I open, the results vary. I tried to narrowing done why one time it happens vs another, but it seems inconsistent. I will try your idea of selecting a different message then go back to the original one usually fixes it.

Hopefully in time I will be able to open a task and just save the file without going to my Inbox or doing a Save As.
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