Dual calendars, solved, but others can't view

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Exchange 2007 (on SBS 2008 Standard), Outlook 2010. Maybe not relevant, but one of my users just returned from a trip to China. During that trip he used an encrypted flash drive for his documents and OWA for his email (I deleted the OST). I scanned his computer in safe mode for malware and viruses and there was nothing.

Yesterday he noticed that he had two calendars apparently on his single Exchange account, and one was blank and the other had all his appointments. The blank one could not be deleted, the one full of appointments could be deleted. So I switched to list view and moved all his appointments to the one that could not be deleted and deleted the now-blank one.

So everything looks cool in his Outlook. We also have a third party program (AgendaX) which reads everyone's calendars and presents them on a web page on our intranet. That's now displaying his calendar correctly. But when I open his calendar in Outlook 2013 (as a reviewer) it's blank. WTF?
OK, that didn't help. Still the same.
So the only thing wrong is that you can't see the contents when the calendar is shared? Since it's a new calendar folder, check the permissions on the folder.
I definitely have appropriate permissions. But I've always thought that Outlook's actions are far beyond the ken of mortal Man...

I checked again today. I clicked the checkbox by his name, and a blank calendar appeared. I clicked the checkbox again to remove it, and then by mistake I clicked his name. His full calendar appeared.

So the problem is gone, but who knows how?
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